"When you are wearing one of my fragrances you should smell great for at least 6-8 hours. In addition, the vision behind ‘iconic’ fragrances should make you feel inspired, sexy, athletic, confident, powerful and accomplished."

~ Marlon Samuels


Sextillion fragrances are longer-lasting - smell your best for 6-8 hours after application. Whether you are going to that important meeting, hitting the gym or the pitch, or having a night out, you will maintain your confidence and inspiration with Sextillion.
Sextillion is birthed from the vision of international cricketer Marlon Samuels. Marlon isn't just another celebrity endorsing his own fragrance line, he has been contemplating his own fashion and perfume line for years and has now decided to realise that dream.
Three bold fragrances cover both men and women: Am Iconic, The 7th Power and Da-journa. These new fragrances reflect Marlon's own taste as a fashion icon and a man who admires classy, modern women.




Our fruity and sweet top notes will cut through a crowd and draw attention wherever you go; Bergamot, jasmine, mandarin and pineapple add a tropical touch.


Lotus, ylang-ylang, dry birch and rose, among others, bring a robust fragrance to the heart of our range.


Bass notes of vanilla, musk, oak moss and white woods add an earthy tone to our mens scents and a feminine strength to our womens.


No matter which fragrance you select, all come with the Sextillion touch to make you feel your inspired, confident and accomplished best.
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Marlon Samuels is an international cricket star, representing the West Indies in all three formats of Test, ODI and Twenty20. He is the first player to receive 2 Player of The Final awards in ICC World T20 history. He also became only the 2nd player after Shahid Afridi in history to score a half century and to take at least a single wicket in a T20 World Cup final. He holds the record for the highest individual score in an ICC World T20 final (85) and also holds the record for the highest score in a successful chase in an ICC World T20 final in 2016.

In June 2018 Marlon's famous number 7 jersey was inducted into the MCC Museum at Lord's cricket ground, next to that of the legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar. The MCC Museum represents 150 years of cricket's history, and Marlon is one of the few West Indians to receive such an honour.

Through the release of his debut single 'Sextillionaire', Marlon also became a music sensation, and now with the launch of his fragrance and clothing lines he is set to take on the worlds of perfume and fashion.